5 All-time Favorite Thrift Store Finds

Lately, I’ve felt the need to spice up my closet because—for some reason—plain black shirts don’t speak to me anymore. Don’t get me wrong—I still love wearing them. It’s just that I don’t feel like it’s expressing my character anymore. In the hopes of experimenting and discovering my personal style, I resorted to shopping in almost every thrift store. Since then, I’ve copped some pieces that truly express who I have become.

When I’m in a thrifting mood, my primary goal is to look for bright, colorful and printed pieces since my current wardrobe is composed of blacks, whites, and grays. I also find it easier to mix-and-match new pieces when they are the extreme opposite of what I usually wear.

Since I started thrifting, there are some pieces that I’ve fallen in love with that I wear quite often.

Here are 5 of my favorite thrift store finds:

1. Yellow Button-Down Top

In case you didn’t know, I love scrolling through Pinterest. Most of the photos on my feed feature fashion that include primary colors. I’ve also been inclined to the artsy softboi ~aesthetic~ so when I saw this top, I immediately knew I needed it.

It’s yellow. It’s oversized. It’s button-down. I bought this top for 25php after running some errands for my mom.

2. Blue-Red-White Stripes Sweater

My mom keeps calling me out on this ’cause I wear this blue-red-white stripes sweater even on sunny days. I can’t help it, though! It’s too cute, and some days, I just feel like wearing primary colors to the outside world.

This one is for 40php from a thrift store across my previous office job.

3. Purple Kimono

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I wore pastel to an exhibit opening!

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Since I’ve been playing around with prints, colors, and layers, I found this cute purple kimono on an online thrift store on Instagram [@vegovukad]. I bought for 100php, and the store was so nice to deliver it to me directly!

I’ve been wearing this kimono, especially when I need an instant pop of color on my outfit. It makes me feel so soft and preppy when I wear this because of the colors and the added accent from the print.

4. Blue Printed Polo

I was raised with the idea of “plain clothes are timeless and an investment” being deeply ingrained me. As a result, my closet has always been filled with plain shirts because I’ve avoided printed tops for practically my whole life.

Until this blue printed polo came along.

I brought this for 40php during my lunch break back when I had an office job. I think it’s my first ~crazily~ printed piece of clothing, and I wouldn’t stop wearing it everywhere for weeks on end.

I like it so much because even though it has long sleeves, it’s still a bit airy because the material is so thin.

5. Denim Jacket

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The come-back of denim jackets was really in-your-face for me a couple of years ago. I saw a bunch of posts on Pinterest and Instagram back then, and I felt compelled to own one, too. I was in college, so a new denim jacket was way over my budget.

This one I got for 50php from a thrift store on a sidewalk near my dorm. [Yes, I thrift everywhere.] Now I pair this with an all-black outfit or still a white top inside.

Now it’s your turn to hit the nearest thrift store!

Thrifting has more benefits than people realize. Not only is it cheap, but it also promotes sustainable shopping. Since these clothes are secondhand, it reduces waste, making it eco-friendly.

Pieces in thrift stores are also unique, so if you’re looking to experiment on your personal style [like me!], thrifting is an amazing idea!

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